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The distributions include:

  • LSD source code. That is, the common code used by any LSD model to manage interfaces and any technical aspect of a simulation model.
  • LSD Model Manager (LMM). An integrated environment for running and developing LSD models, even for users not familiar with programming. LMM allows the selection of existing models, creation of new ones, signals errors from mistaken code, etc.
  • LSD and LMM manuals. Both LMM and LSD interfaces have context dependent help pages.
  • Example models. There are currently more than a dozen example models, from simple Recplicator Dynamics to complex NK exploration. Users can run preset configurations, modify the initial values or editing the very code of the model, exploiting the intrinsic modularity of LSD models.
  • Compiler, C++ debugger, libraries, etc. (MS-Windows distribution only). A complete toolkit for programming in C++, required to run LSD models, is included in the Windows version. LMM exploits these packages (or the equivalent in Unix environments) allowing users to compile models directly from the integrated environment.
Last Updated on Saturday, 28 February 2009 12:13