Laboratory for Simulation Development

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b-SIME '09

SPRU (Brighton), November 9th  - November 13th  

The course aims at teaching the technique and methodology of simulations applied to economic research. The class will be given lectures on topics concerning the use of the LSD simulation language and will then replicate the exercises presented.

The following lectures, of roughly two hours each, will be used during the course: 

  • Goals of the course, definition of a simulation model, introduction to the LSD system (download).
  • First LSD model: the linear model (download).
  • Managing massive data: the logistic model (download).
  • Random events and model structure: random walk model (download).
  • Evolutionary dynamics: replicator dynamics model (download).
  • Smallwood and Conlisk model on demand by imperfectly informed consumers (download).
  • Methodological issues in Economics (download). 
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