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Installed documents

Users of LSD are assisted by an extensive documentation included in the distribution and accessible via help menus or buttons. Each manual page is linked to other relevant documents.

As an example, here are reported some of the frequently used manual pages. 

  • Tutorials and texts. You distribution includes a collection of documents. See here the help page listing them.
  • LSD Model Manager. This program is used to start or select a project, and to write the equations of a model. You have here the manual page for LMM and here the manual for the grammar of the equations. 
  • LSD Model Browser. This is the main interfaces to dealing with every aspect of a simulation model apart the equations. See here the main help page of the browser.
  • LSD Debugger. When a simulation run is interrupted you can observe every single detail of the model, and change it. See here the manual page for the LSD debugger.
  • Analysis of Results. This module provides all the data set to be analysed (or create new ones), providing graphical representations and basic statistics, besides allowing to export data. See here its main manual page.


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