LSD Course

The slides below offer a self-teaching course on the major features on LSD and their application on the construction of real models. The course does not require prior programming experience. The sequence presented follows the recommended learning path.




Introduction to LSD and contents of the course

Lesson 1

Introduction to simulations
Introduction to LMM and to LSD
Generating the simplest model: single variable with linear dynamics

Lesson 2

Logistic chaotic model
Using the LSD Analysis of Results module

Extra activity

Random walk model
LSD Model structure and simulation manager

Lesson 3

Replicator dynamics model
Lagged variables and dead-lock errors

Lesson 4

Extending the replicator dynamics model
Random events in simulations

Lesson 5

Brian Arthur’s network externalities model

Lesson 6

More on network externalities model
Fashion waves model

Lesson 7

Smallwood and Conlisk model on consumers choice