LSD Lattice

The LSD Lattice window presents a bi-dimensional graphical representation of a graph in the R2. It represents a rectangular n × m sized grid of points which can be individually set to any color by the modeler according to the current simulation run data. Therefore, the interpretation of the lattice contents is model-specific.

The n × m lattice size is arbitrary. If n and/or m are too large or too small in regard to the pixel-dimensions of the computer screen, LSD automatically scales it to fit the screen. Please refer to the LSD macro reference for the usage of lattices in LSD models.

The LSD Lattice offers the Save button to allow the user saving snapshots of the current lattice contents to a file (Encapsulated Post-script format, .eps extension).

Updating the lattice is a time consuming activity for the simulation run. To speed it up, the user can safely close the LSD Lattice window, if it is no longer required, by clicking on the X in the window title bar. Once closed, however, the lattice window cannot be opened again during the current simulation run.