LSD Equation Code

The Equation Code window is created to show the Equation’s code used to compute the selected Variable of the LSD model. The code presented is taken from the equation file for presentation purposes only. Modification to the code is not supported (use LMM for this).

The window presents the code using syntax color highlighting:

·           Green: comments (text not to be executed)

·           Blue: elements names and strings in general

·           Red: temporary variables (v[0], v[1], etc.)

·           Black: remaining code elements

The button Find allows searching text in the current window.

To close the window, click on the button Done.

In order to have the equation code properly presented, the equation file name must be properly set in the model configuration. Otherwise, LSD will request the user to select the correct equation file.

For details on the LSD macro language, please check the reference.