LSD Data Browser

1.    The shared Data Browser / Debugger window

a.    Observe and edit element values

2.    Menu Exit

3.    Menu Help

The LSD Data Browser allows exploring the model by inspecting each individual instance of any Object in the LSD model structure and also editing the associated initialization data. This is different from the perspectives offered by the main LSD Browser and the LSD Model Structure windows, which present the model structure by means of unified Object types. Therefore, these later windows do not distinguish among individual instances of each Object, as the Data Browser does. This is an important tool because in many situations the user may be interested in observing each individual Object instance and its content.

The LSD Data Browser window is a subset of the LSD Debugger window but does not include the buttons to deal with simulation run control. Please refer to the manual pages on the LSD Debugger for the functionalities of the LSD Data Browser. In particular, check the section on the model browsing buttons.


Menu Exit

This menu has the single entry Quit and Return to Browser. As a shortcut, the user may click on the X in the LSD Data Browser title bar or press the key Esc.