LSD Documentation

Learning the use of a computer language is always a difficult task, and the best way is always to practice with exercises and studying existing examples. LSD is no exception. The following documentation is thought for users without any prior knowledge of programming.

·         LSD manual. All LSD modules are endowed with help pages describing their use. The help pages can also be browsed to have a quick look at what LSD can do. See the manual table of contents.

·         LSD quick help. Have a simpler question about anything in LSD? Please check the quick help guide first.

·         LSD windows visual guide. If you are in doubt about a specific LSD window, you have a visual guide to quickly accessing its help page.

·         LSD glossary. Learn the details about the terms used in LSD models in the glossary page.

·         LSD FAQ’s. In the frequently asked questions page you may find direct answers to some of your questions about LSD.

·         LSD language documentation. Both the more convenient LSD macro language and the now deprecated technical LSD function language are fully documented.

·         LSD tutorials. There are step-by-step tutorials for new LSD users willing to have a hands-on introduction to LSD, the use of existing models and the creation of new models.

·         LSD course. As a complementary learning tool, please check the slides for a course on LSD.

·         LSD examples. The distribution includes several example models. A relatively simple model containing most of the functions available in LSD is the Social Diffusion group of models, located in the group Example Models/Literature Models. Understanding the code for the equations of this model will allow implementing almost any equation you may have in mind.

·         LSD Web Interface. A web-based interface to existing LSD models which can be accessed from any device, without requiring LSD to be installed.

·         LSD new features. If you are not new to LSD, please check what is new in the last versions of LSD.